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At Morpeth, every child learns an

instrument as part of the Music

curriculum. Students can choose

between Trumpet, Trombone, Violin,

Flute and Clarinet. Every child in

year 7 and 8 will get access to

Peripatetic tuition during curriculum

music lessons. 

FREE Music Exam Qualifications 

Graded music exams are a key part of a child’s musical development. At Morpeth, students who are ready for either theory or practical music exams will be entered free of charge. Every Year 7 and 8 student will work towards their Grade 1/2 theory exams as part of the Music curriculum.


FREE Music Technology Software 

All Year 7 and 8 students will have access to the cloud-based Soundtrap music software, allowing them to make their own music at home on a computer, phone or tablet. All students will get the opportunity to learn about music technology using industry-standard hardware and software. 


The Morpeth Music Department has an exciting range of extra-curricular clubs, allowing students to continue their musical development before and after school. These clubs include: 

Morpeth Philharmonic Orchestra 

From classical to film music. Join the school’s most popular ensemble. For Grade 1 students or above. 

String Club/Break Band

For students who want to take their skills further on Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone or Violin. For beginner musicians. 

Rock School Juniors 

From beginner to advanced. Form a band and choose what you play! 

Jazz Band 

Incredible Jazz standards for advanced musicians at Grade 5 or above. 


The school’s brand-new group dedicated to vocal performance. 

Music Technology Club

Develop your skills further in the world of Music technology and learn how to produce your own music.