The Morpeth Music Department has a number of valuable partnerships in education and the wider music industry. 

Taylor Guitars 

Taylor Guitars have donated a large amount of high-quality electric guitars to the Music Department and in previous years, have sent a member of the team to judge the borough’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition, which takes place at Morpeth School.  

Spitalfields Music 

We work regularly with Spitalfields Music who provide high quality, relevant and inclusive opportunities for people across East London to engage with music as creators, performers and audiences. 


THAMES provide us with invaluable music education tuition plus concerts, and performance opportunities for every child and young person (up to 18 years of age) living in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets as well as INSET Training for Teachers. 


Over the years, Höfner have supported the Music Department by donating a large amount of high-quality electric guitars to the Music Department. 

Musical Futures 

Morpeth School is a Musical Futures Champion School. Musical Futures is a tried-and-tested yet innovative approach to music learning, based on a pedagogy that is driven by the musical culture of the participants. It brings real-world music learning processes into schools and other formal settings, engaging and inspiring all and promoting inclusion and diversity. 



‘Within such a large and diverse borough, it’s vital that we have schools such as Morpeth to model good practice, to help us target and support provision that is not as strong. It’s also important that the music service is able to provide additional funding and opportunities to complement the work done by the school – for example, supporting students who have places at the Centre for Young Musicians at the Guildhall on Saturday mornings, and that students have access to our borough-wide ensembles and projects.’ 

Karen Brock, head of THAMES, 

“Because Morpeth has such a well-established music department, where good musical learning happens as a matter of course and students have such a positive and open attitude, I have confidence that I’m sending my students – some of who will be embarking on their first experience of leading a music education project - into a safe environment where they can learn very quickly and not be afraid to try things out. They often join the course with new and imaginative ideas, ideas which are only improved through working with the Morpeth students. And of course, the Morpeth students benefit enormously from working with performers of the highest calibre.”

Sigrun Sævarsdóttir-Griffiths, Programme Leader for the Masters in Leadership course at the Guildhall. 


"The staff are totally committed to seizing every possible opportunity for the students – but not without also making every effort to ensure that these opportunities are of high quality and will have good benefit for the students’ musical and wider cultural development. We know that we’re always going to enjoy dialogue and challenge when we work with Morpeth – not challenge in the sense that the school and students are difficult to work with, but challenge in the expectation that our work and the outcomes for students must be of high quality. The consequence for us, and for our artists, is that we too enjoy good outcomes in terms of our learning and professional development."

Katrina Duncan, Associate Director at Serious.


"The Barbican is pleased to have a long-standing relationship with Morpeth’s music department. Our longest-running project with the school, Drum Works, was piloted at Morpeth in 2007 and continues to go from strength-to-strength thanks to the commitment and dedication of the music department. The department always has a lively atmosphere, with students actively encouraged to pursue their musical interests whatever the style or genre, and a wide range of ensemble opportunities on offer".

Jenny Beer, Creative Learning Officer, Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning.


"Through our partnership work with Morpeth – including some generous additional funding for instrumental teaching – every pupil in Years 5 and 6 is now learning an instrument. We know that Morpeth makes a difference, because our pupils come back to visit us and show us how well they’re doing. The confidence that they started to build here is continued at Morpeth; the annual ‘big performances’ at the Barbican give our pupils the ambition that goes way beyond their immediate experience, and that of their families." 

Marie Maxwell, headteacher at Globe Primary School.