For your child to receive free music instrumental lessons they need to agree to our terms and conditions which are listed below.


1. I will attend all lessons and be on time.

2. If I miss numerous lessons without explanation I will be removed from the instrument timetable.

3. I will look after the instrument that has been allocated to you.  

a)             When at home, keep the instrument in a safe place and prevent other people from attempting to play your instrument.

b)             When in school, be sure that you know where your instrument is. It should be kept in the instrument store cupboard.

c)             Any loss or damage to the instrument is at your own risk and should be covered by your own insurance.

4. To practice regularly. You can do this at home, or if this is difficult to organise then you can book a practice room in the Music Department for before or after school or at break time or lunch times (when government guidelines are lifted in regards to social distancing). Even 5-10 minutes a day will reward you with significant improvement in the early stages.

5. To attend school band rehearsals and performances (when govern guidelines are lifted in regards to social distancing). If you are unable to attend a lesson or rehearsal you must inform the Music Department as soon as possible.