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Course Length: 1 Year

Available for: Year 10-11

Entry Requirements: Grade 3 or above on an instrument and/or Rock School Level 2

GCSE Music provides students with the opportunity to focus on three key areas of musicianship: Composition, Performance, and Theory/Analysis. 



During the year students will write two pieces of music: a composition to a set brief, and a free choice composition. Each composition is worth 15% of the total GCSE. 



Students will perform a minimum of two pieces for their composition. A solo performance piece (which can have piano accompaniment or a backing track) and an ensemble performance with other musicians. Each performance is worth 15% of the total GCSE. 



At the end of the year, students will complete a 90-minute exam paper covering four areas of study:

  • The Concerto Through Time

  • Rhythms of the World

  • Film Music

  • Conventions of Pop

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