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Jesse Bescoby

Oboe and Bassoon Teacher

Teaching Days: Tuesday

Jesse studied oboe and composition at Trinity College of Music in London and since graduating has worked in a variety of roles within the music industry and has performed with a wide and diverse range of ensembles and orchestras, regularly touring and performing in venues across Europe, India, the USA, Japan and the Philippines.

Jesse is an experienced music educator and believes passionately in the value of an imaginative and creative musical education. He has taught oboe, bassoon and recorder for almost 15 years and is driven to engage young people with music in inventive and meaningful ways. His lessons draws on his experiences as a young (and very keen!) music student and his enthusiasm for a wide range of different styles of music and have creativity at their core.

Alongside an active teaching schedule, Jesse pursues new platforms for contemporary music including composing, directing new music night Acoustic Figures and DJing. His music has been described as haunting and melancholic and draws from an eclectic musical palette. His music explores the common ground between contemporary classical music and more experimental, independent music; taking inspiration from artists such as Luke Bedford, Per Nørgård, Stars of the Lid and Sarah Neufeld.

Jesse Bescoby
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